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  1. Lewis Walls says:

    Seeing Battle Rats at Iwo Jima makes me want to see you go to Metz, France(formerly Germany)to show they defences that gave Patton so much trouble.

  2. Dan Garvey says:

    Well done. With an uncle who was in the Corps (Sgt Major Jim Garvey … wounded and home prior to Iwo) I have always wanted to see the tunnels of the island. Although it’s tough to see a great deal of it in 1 hour, again, well done. Thanks!

  3. Boris Yaro USMC (Ret.) says:

    Watched it again last night…still impressive…I think it was neat the way you were able to put that “officer’s chair” back into some sort of visible resemblance.

  4. Dave Fromong says:

    I’m glad they aired it! Its a great documentry! Were can i get a copy?

  5. Bryan Wilkes says:

    Very impressive. The show did a very good job in laying out the battle plan of both side and was able to put everything in perspective for me as to how the battle was fought. I have the utmost respect for the soldiers of WWII and all the other wars. We should never forget the past and current sacrafices our military folks are making.

  6. Marc Findlay says:

    I have really enjoyed watching Battle Rats. I feel that Harlan Glenn does a fantastic job on the show. I would like to see him do more, “Battle Rats” shows. I would like to see him do shows on Wake Island, Guam, Saipan, and other battles in the Pacific Theater. Harlan presents a very fast moving, interesting show that I am sure many, many fans enjoy. “Battle Rats” is not the boring WWII documentary that puts people to sleep. “Battle Rats” is a moving and exciting way to study history. In conclusion, I would like to see Discovery allow Harlan Glenn to produce more shows.

  7. Ed Schaefer USMC (Ret.) says:

    My buds and I have been enjoying your Military Channel show on Iwo Jima. Hoping there will be more.

  8. Max Tomas says:

    Great first show, and very much hoping this continues as a series! With “The Pacific” coming out I think there will be alot of interest the Pacific island battles

  9. I am watching the show now, typing at commercial, what a great show. I especially appreciate the respect you gave the battlefield in leaving everything in it’s place! Thank you. My appreciation for the battle and so much more, the climb up Mount Suribachi for example, is a thousand times better informed then before.

    Having GPS coordinates also nice, but consider using MGRS. Keep the preferred version of lat/long, which you used, but as a secondary reference (if at all). Seems a natural for anything related to ground pounders, especially when documenting battles after MGRS was adopted late 40’s.

    All n’ all, one of the most informative of battle history programs I’ve watched.

    (Thanks Dad, USMC Korea).

  10. T Camillocci says:

    Very well done, hope to see more episodes in the future.

  11. Jeff Cain says:

    It was great watching Battle Rats Iwo Jima on the Military Channel. What a great potential for a show that could go to battlefields around the globe and explore them so people who can’t get there in person can see them in detail. BZ!

  12. A concerned viewer says:

    Harlan, great show but could you disturb the artifacts a little more! I understand that a lot of the artifacts are “common” but you disturbing them amounts to desecrating a burial ground. I could not belive you felt the need to “finger” every ” cool” artifact you saw, then toss it aside. Watching this made me sick. I would hope that the Military Channel could find someone that would be able to act in a more professional manner… Guess not!

  13. Justin Thompson says:

    Outstanding, I have been there myself and having had only a couple hours to get to the top of Suribachi and back to the beaches we didn’t get to stop and sight see much. We held a reenlistment ceremony atop the summit and then had 30 minutes to look around. I sincerely hope your series continues, I would love to see what you can find at Khe Sahn, or the Rock Pile. Maybe even Belleau Wood. Too bad Korea is so closed off because we would all appreciate seeing Chosin. Great job guys.
    Sgt J.L. Thompson K Co 3/1 98-04

  14. Richard V. Horrell says:

    My father taught me, when you have nothing good to say, say nothing. I have nothing to say/type about Battle Rats.

    Richard V. Horrell

  15. Henry Kracke, Jr says:

    I enjoyed the Battle rats! When will more shows and more battlefields be explored. Semper Fi!

  16. Very helpful. I like the way you write. Do you have an RSS feed?

  17. Z. Miller says:

    My dad was an AM2 in the solomons inWW2 I was looking for any info related Bougainvilla or related material or photos

  18. Erich says:

    Absolutely awesome, it has always been a fantasy of mine to visit as many battlefields as I can, I have been to many in Europe and was in the British Army in Germany back in the 70’s where I came across many artifacts from WW2.
    A great show, can’t wait to see more!

  19. Ray Charlton says:

    Great show. I hope to see you folks cover many other WWII battlefields.

    Speaking of which, I spent 3 months on Wake Island back in 2003. If you have any interest in that Island I would be happy to share my experiences with your crew.

  20. Phyllis Pacella says:

    I am not a history or military buff, but this show had me spellbound! A remarkable look at how the Japanese soldiers lived in the caves, and how the US troups overcame the obstacles. Host Harlan Glenn was great -very respectful of the artifacts. Would like to see more Battle Rats episodes exploring other battle sights.

  21. John Rogers says:

    I really enjoyed this show. I sincerely hope ythat there are moe to come. It is really well done and Harlan is an authority on WW2 and his knowlege comes thru, he does a great job showing the viewers this Battle from a perspective that we dont get to see under normal circumstances. We all know the Japanese had taken up extremely defendable positions that were almost impossible to assail successfully in the caves and hills (Our soldiers did it though by determination, grit, and heavy loss of life) but by getting into those tunnels and caves along with him really demonstrates the resolve of the Japanese and why so many US soldiers lost lives to take those positions.It was a long bloody battle and now the battle as a whole is much easier to visualize for those who werent there or will never be able to go there.
    Very well done! I am waiting for more episodes!
    John Rogers

  22. Why did we give the island back to the D— Japs anyway? Didn’t our boys die there to get it?
    S/Sgt. GW Rosson

  23. Why did we give it back to the D— Japs anyway? Didn’t our boys die there to get the island?
    S/Sgt. GW Rosson

  24. Carter says:

    It would be really awesome if this came out on DVD with bonus material. I really think this should become a series, or just a random accuring show. Peleliu would be a perfect place to go to next. Especially with all the attention it has gotten from “The Pacific” series. We need more Battle Rats!

  25. Stevo says:

    When will the movie “Battle Rats: Iwo Jima” show up on YouTube? Hopefully soon.

  26. Nelson Russell says:

    Give us some more please! The Bulge, D-Day, Guadalcanal, Casino, Okinawa etc. Do I need to think of everything.

  27. Brad Folger says:

    When are there going to be more episodes? Harlan Glenn and the SgtMaj did an outstanding job on Iwo Jima. How about Belleau Wood, Guadalcanal, etc…

  28. Scott Curry says:

    Awesome Show I belong to a local Historical Group and the info is Awesome will help out alot on our Iwo Jima Project

  29. Rachel says:

    Battle Rats is outstanding! My son, who is 8 years old, is now a dedicated history buff! It helps my son understand history better when it is brought into present day with original clips from WW2 and Vietnam. Great job! We await more episodes!!! 🙂

  30. hunt adam says:

    this show was amazing. watched at 0600 this morning. greatest show ive seen in a long time. wish i didnt have to go to work to watch the Military Channel. maybe Bataan, corrigadore, new britain. Please get me more. oh, and, do try to disturb the artifacts less. ammo belts who cares but dog tags and other less common stuff should be less disturbed. that aside, outstanding show! Listen to everyone in this forum. Cover all these battlefields and youve got a following. keep ’em coming!

  31. Jim says:

    Harlan and Robert:GREAT jOB. gO TO PELELIIU. sHOW US THE HILL WHERE CAPT AnDY HALDANE fell.The airfield where Robert Leckie was wounded. This presentation brings it home.

  32. marty says:

    amazing show ! loved the artifacts, dog tags, and morphine bottles. !! real history !!

  33. Col Mac says:

    Guys, great to see a lot of the other places on Iwo i never had a chance to go and see. Definately recommend a trip to Peleliu next. Oh, and great job getting dirty although SgtMaj looks a little to clean.

  34. Dave Barrett says:

    I’m watching your Iwo Jima show again tonight. I am a WWII historian with an MA in history. I visited Iwo Jima on a very rainy day 3 years ago with Military Historic Tours. Nevertheless I still walked from the current airport all along the invasion beaches, up Suribachi, around the western side of Suribachi, along the western road to the east west road just south of the Motoyama #1; then back out to the western road all the to Kitano Point, into the communications cave and then south in the area of Motoyama #3 just north of the today’s airport. In all I’m guessing we walked over 16 miles during our one day hump of the island. I also visited Saipan, Tinian, Guam, and Pearl Harbor on the same trip. This year I revisited Guam for a day and then spent 5 days on Peleliu.

    I’d love to discuss participating in your group in any area your open to.

    P.S. The web site lisited is a newly formed 501c3 dedicated to acquiring and preserving the history of American Patriots and educated the American public about their service.

  35. pbaker says:

    Great show! My father just passed recently and he was a Marine who left college at 18 to fight the Japanese and drove a tank on Guadalcanal, Bougainville, New Georgia and many other islands in the Solomons and the Marianas, eventually getting wounded in action during the initial beach landing on Guam on W-Day, July 21, 1944. These men did not brag about their bravery, in fact, they didn’t speak of it at all……and now it’s about time someone documented the type of hellish action these Marines saw in the south Pacific. This was a time when men were men. I’d like to see this become a full time show documenting many islands in the Pacific as well as many battlefields in Europe. I thought it was well done and an honor to those Marines who suffered there.

  36. greg says:

    Great show, I hope there will be many more. Please consider
    Guadalcanal, and some of the smaller islands in the Solomons the
    raiders fought on. thanks

  37. T. Roberts says:

    Great show! PLEASE advise the name of the opening theme music and who recorded it.

  38. Jonathan says:

    You guys need to goto Oahu Hawaii, there are tons of underground tunnels to check out.

  39. David says:

    Be interesting to see them go to Corregidor

  40. Doug Whittlesey says:

    I enjoyed your “Iwo Jima” documentary. It must have been awesome to get to explore the island. Great coverage…filming….and narrative. Made you feel like you were there ! Best Wishes,and Thank you !

  41. barry lake says:

    absolutely great!!!!! one of the most interesting show on ww2 that i’ve ever saw.i just wish that it was sold as a dvd see tunnels so well preserved….what kind of clearence did you have to get to do the show.also amazing how all the artifacts were just right would be great to see other pacific island battlefields.

  42. David Wheelwright says:

    As a veteran I’m impressed. As a military collector I’m very envious. Great job

  43. Rich Donat says:

    Just watched Battle Rats Iwo Jima for the second time and enjoyed it again. Each time I see more interesting details.
    Please consider more Battle Rats shows ( there are a lot of interesting Pacific islands out there that I would love to explore with you)

  44. Rich Moran says:

    More of this should be done. I’ve personally investigated battle locations in Guam and wanted to go to Rota and Tinian to do the same. Gudacanal is another location that would be great to visit.


  45. roundman says:

    me and my 7 year old son really loved this show and wants to see more battle rats shows

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