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Injured Marine Semper-Fi Fund

Host Harlan Glenn and the Battle Rats support our injured and critically ill Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, and their families by donating proceeds of BATTLE RATS IWO JIMA to the Injured Marine Semper-Fi Fund.

The Fund

The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund was established in May 2004. A nurse at the Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital, whose husband was deployed to Iraq, saw first hand the needs of those returning from battle. She brought together a group of Marine Corps spouses with diverse backgrounds to implement a plan to provide financial grants to OEF/OIF injured Marines, Sailors, and service members injured while assigned to Marine forces, and their families during their difficult road to recovery. A Governing Board of retired Generals and Officers, Senior Enlisted Marines, and others with professional backgrounds was added to help the Fund develop into a nationwide program. The Fund works closely with the Marine Corps, the Navy, and military hospitals nationwide to identify and assess the needs of OEF/OIF specific families. And, we need your help to keep this noble mission moving forward. The Fund depends on the generosity and compassion of people from all walks of life to join our quest of “serving those who preserve our freedom.”

The Need

When Marines, Sailors, and other military personnel assigned to Marine Forces, are injured or critically ill, their entire family shares the pain and burden of recovery. Normal life is put on hold, often times for weeks, months, or years, as loved ones travel great distances, at a moment’s notice, and stay at the bedside. They take leave from their jobs, often without pay, and incur additional expenses for childcare, lodging, travel, specialized equipment, and other necessities. Few families are prepared for the expenses they face. They need help, and they need it quickly. The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund was created to meet this need.

The Mission

The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund provides financial assistance and quality of life solutions for Marines, Sailors and other military personnel assigned to Marine Forces, injured in post 9-11 combat, training, or with life threatening illnesses, and their families. Our fund provides relief for immediate financial needs that arise during hospitalization and recovery as well as perpetuating needs such as home modifications, customized transportation and specialized equipment.

For more information on this wonderful organization, and what YOU can do, please visit

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