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  1. dana says:

    I look forward to watching this program. I recently met one of the very few WWII veterans. He served in the 2nd, 4th, 5th Marine Divisions in New Caledonia, British Solomon Islands, Ryukyuis Island and Iwo Jima. I will be watching this program with my young son. Thanks for this presentation, it will help generations continue to recognize and preserve an important piece of American History.

  2. Very interesting read. Wars are not a pleasant feature of our existence on this earth. We
    certainly have a lot of extremely brave Americans. I salute them all and give thanks for their
    bravery. I was in High School when this war took place.

  3. Grace says:

    This documentary was amazing, and the filming and photography are beautiful!

  4. Sandy Zion-Anderson says:

    Excellent show – copied to DVD for my family who don’t have the Military Channel. My Mom came over and watched it with us (had tears in her eyes at the end). I could feel my Dad there…. thank you so much.

  5. Bob Irons USMC (Ret.) says:

    Watched your show last night. Outstanding! You did a fine job. The integration of original film/photos with the actual spots that you were standing on, really gave a depth to the entire presentation. I could picture my dad, probably scared shitless, making his way toward the Meat Grinder, doing what we Marines do. Thanks again for an excellent show. I am going to watch it again this week with my daughter. Do you have anything else in the works?
    Semper Fi
    Bob Irons

  6. Jeff M Padell says:

    IT WAS GREAT! What an honor paid to Dad! Pardon me if I ramble a bit in this email, I want to touch all the bases.

    The whole show, and to us, Dad’s ash scattering was great, BUT the whole show was way too short! I wish it was 2 or 3 hours long! Also do you think the Military/Discover Channel will be selling DVD’s of the show?

    I was on a conference call with one of my brothers and my sister for the entire show. When the ash ceremony at the end came on the screen they were struck speechless! The were moved beyond words. Immediately after the show my other brother called me to give me his congratulations, he wanted to tell you just how special it was and he also very very moved over the honor paid to Dad.

    I got calls from a cousin and a couple friends from this area and also Florida, to send congratulations over the show.

    I have to admit that being on the phone while the show was going on I couldn’t give it 100% attention, as I was acting as a narrator to some degree for my family. I watched the ending again this morning, boy 5 a.m. comes awfully early when you turn in around 11:30. The second time I was able to give it the attention it deserved, I like where you started on the beach with the flag on Danny’s spot and then the figure and the picture of the other Marine on the memorial.
    Last night I was narrating and afterwards said to myself that I wished that the picture of Dad in the hospital had made it in, but in watching it this morning I paid attention and can now say that the ash ceremony was done extremely well, covered all the bases without being slow or too long.
    What I was happy was the fact that you brought out that he as most vets never forgot, and that he always remembered the men who had fallen and wanted to go back to be with them. I grew up with his Marine buddies from Iwo being around, they would do some vacations together and help each other out. They also always remembered their friends who never made it back.
    I recorded the show on my DVR and will send copies to all the Marines from Dad’s Division that I have addresses for.

    My entire family felt it was very well done and really great. Once again I am so honored by this great honor and so is my family!

    I was a US Navy Photographer and with Dad being in the battle for the entire 36 days, know well the story of Sgt Genaust and to see Dad mentioned in the same show as him is quite an honor.

  7. Denny Gregory says:

    Excellent piece of work!! Very comprehensive and held my attention the entire hour. I learned a lot that I didn’t know before. Looking forward to seeing more adventures of the “Battle Rats”.

  8. Robert G. Goodwin says:

    I love the graphics and the cuts to historical footage. It is
    interesting as hell. It is a first class show by any measurement,
    including feature films. You should be proud of how you simply
    present information and are willing to risk life & limb, unlike some
    hosts. That allows us, the viewer, to listen to the story you are
    telling while focusing on the footage presented. I do hope there will
    be more.

  9. Andy Padell says:

    Thank you for your hard work and sacrifices to make the documentary “Battle Rats” shown last night on the Military Channel at 10pm EST. and for honoring our Dad, by spreading his ashes on Mt. Surabacci in the closing minutes of your documentary of the Battle of Iwo Jima.

    The program had a palpable level of energy, excitement, risk, and respect for the sacrifices of the brave United States Marines who fought and died serving their country on that strategic little island during World War II.

    It came through very well how driven you and your team were… and I cringed everytime you and your team entered those small, dangerous 60 plus year old caves!

    I only wish that you could have known our Dad… he lived life as though every day was a new gift.. and his life was always full of zest and dedication to his family..
    I, personally, enjoyed his energy, confidence and positive outlook that I was drawn to work with him and for him in 3-4 business ventures ever since I graduated High School..

    In fact, Dad started a coffee service along with our Mom and me in October 1989 which we ran together through February of 2005. Our Dad, Leon, was 66 yrs old when we started that business and he worked six (6) days a week in that venture for all fifteen (15) years.. he was very driven and in my opinion, self-sacrificing..

    The virtues he espoused were common among his peers and fellow United States Marines… from those that I have met..

    When his body was failing him, and his life after suffering a stroke around this time of 2006.. in early September of 2007, Dad chose to stop taking all his medications that kept his body going.. instead choosing to ‘go naturally’.. and I was honored to stay with him, along with our Mom and my brother, Tom, for Dad’s last six days while he waited to meet his God.. and I saw in him a bravery that was honed on that island and others in the Pacific where he fought with his fellow Marines.

    Thank you for your commitment and tireless effort bringing the documentary to the Military Channel.. our Dad would be humbled to know what you did for him.

    Please keep Jeff and us all posted on your future projects and let us know how we can return the kindness!

    Warm regards,

    Andy Padell (# 2 son of Leon Padell)

  10. Caroline Burt says:

    I had no idea of the great lengths you go to on these
    explorations. I was very impressed! Like your camera guy though, I
    would not have crawled on my stomach through a foot wide hole 😉

  11. Pete Costanzo USMC (Ret.) says:

    Many Marines are grateful for your research into USMC History least of all myself!! Semper Fidelis Harlan!! L/Cpl. Pete Service No. 2254580

  12. Tom Padell says:

    i’m son #3, Tom, and wanna echo Jeff and Drew’s sentiments.

    We can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for our father’s legacy. We’ve always been proud of who he was, and what he and his buddies did for our country, but last night was the defining moment. Last night, Dad got to come full-circle.
    I don’t think anyone’s prouder than Jeff, and we all owe you both a debt of thanks for working together to see Dad coming to rest in a place of such incredible horror, and courage.
    Words can’t express our gratitude for memorializing Dad, and his contribution to our freedom, for the world to see.
    We’re forever in your debt.

  13. David Eigenberg USMC (Ret.) says:

    Great job man!! It was really nice to watch and i hope your r really proud of it….you battle rat. it really helped lay out what happened and why well done!

  14. Mike Tristano says:

    I thought that Battle Rats was GREAT!!!!

  15. Caroline BUrt says:

    What a show! I really enjoyed watching it and found myself both
    entertained and awestruck. I’ve always been fascinated with World War
    II and that time period, and getting a first hand look at the island,
    the tunnels and remains was truly fascinating. Between the fabulous
    host, the graphics and the archive footage, it all really helped me
    visualize what actually happened there. I’m sure other viewers out
    there felt the same 🙂

  16. Gloria Birkhead says:

    We are amazed at the number of tunnels. Having climbed Haleakala on Maui, we know how difficult it is to climb over volcanic ash. The scattering of the marine’s ashes was a touching symbol of veterans’ kindred spirit.

  17. Roy Sherman USMC (68-72) says:

    Good luck with your new show and again thank you much for taking time out to help an old broken down Marine.

  18. Carter Reasoner says:

    The show was great. By far the best show I have seen filmed on modern day Iwo Jima. I especially enjoyed the beach and Suribachi areas when you explained what happened right there where you where standing. Which basically puts the viewers in the marines shoes. Not many shows actually explain what happened right where they are standing, and show physical evidence like the shell casings etc. Thanks for making a great show on my favorite WWII study subject. Best of luck to your future projects.

  19. Dave Berry says:

    The video quality was exceptional. Good steady shots. Dialogue was good–and obviously off the cuff—but buy guys who know what they are talking about.

    Good intercutting of vintage footage.

    Good graphics. Good CG on the weapons. The “grid” over the vintage footage was initially irritating…but I got over it and sort of looked past it.

    All together it is a very tight package.

    So where can I get a BATTLE RAT baseball cap and T-Shirt?

  20. Corch says:

    I had the pleasure of watching Battle Rats: Iwo Jima last night (Sunday, 10pmEST). This is the first military documentary where I had actually learned something I did not already know. Mr. Glen’s passion for his work is evident, and worthy of many more battlefield explorations. I hope this show will feature not only Pacific battlefields, but also get to N. Africa, Italy, Western Front and Eastern Front of WWII. I would also like to see Mr. Glen tackle battlefields from the Korean and Vietnam wars as well.

    Mr. Glen’s tribute to a fallen Marine on Suribachi was an unexpected yet touching moment. His genuine enthusiasm over finding unused morphine styrettes and an old officer’s furniture was a breath of fresh air, especially when documentaries are usually stuffy and dry. Mr. Glen and the Sgt. Major were a great team, and I hope we get to learn more about them in upcoming episodes.

    I will look forward to many future episodes of Battle Rats!

  21. Bob Goodwin says:

    Thanks for the homage to the brave soldiers that were wounded or gave all on Iwo Jima.

    “Battle Rats” was a very interesting and informative tribute/documentary. I loved the graphics and cuts to historical footage. “Battle Rats: Iwo Jima” was a first rate show by any measurement, including feature films. You should be proud of how you presented information and were willing to risk life & limb. That allowed us, the viewers, to listen to the story you are telling us while focusing on the realism of being there and the footage presented.

    Oorah and thanks to Mr. Harlan Glenn, the Sgt. Major and everyone else involved. I do hope there are more documentary’s with them in the future.

  22. Roy Williams says:

    The show was great! You did an awesome job.

  23. Clint says:

    Could someone please let me know when it will be on again? I tried to use my DVR but little did I know it was not working and I would like to see it.

  24. Gary Mayo says:

    Harlan, congratulations on your show “battle Rats”. I happened upon it recently and recorded it. Was able to share it with my father and son.
    You probably don’t remember us but we were on the 2007 “Reunion of Honor” trip to Iwo Jima with Military Historical Tours. My dad is an Iwo vet and I finally convinced him to return 62 years later.
    As we watched you guys explore Iwo, how I wish we could have been with you. Our trip was very “structured’, with just a few of the island’s highlights. Even then, it was a great trip for our family. For my dad I think it brought closure on what was probably the defining experience in his life. For me it was the fulfillment of a lifetime dream- wanting to see where my dad had fought. And for my son, it was an inspiring history lesson.
    My son Joe visited briefly with you on the trip. He recognized you on the show. He specifically remembered asking you your purpose for coming to Iwo. Your reply was something like “I’m just a battle rat and enjoy visiting places like Iwo Jima”.
    Harlan, My dad was in the 25th Marines of the 4th Division. He really perked up when you were on the cliffs above the quarry and the East Boat Basin. Before he was wounded, he had held that groung for several days. He has repeatedly told me for over 50 years of the battleships coming in close and firing “pointblank” into those gun emplacemants on top of and side of the cliffs.
    Sorry,Harlan, I could go on and on. But after reading scores of books about Iwo, seeing many videos, movies and documentaries, and talking to many Iwo veterans- as well as making the “tourist” trip to Iwo with 3 generations of Mayos, I still felt I’d missed a lot the island had to offer. Your “Battle Rats-Iwo Jima” helped fill much of that void. Thank you.
    Gary Mayo

  25. Clint says:

    We missed the whole story. Thought we had it recording but didn’t work. Does anyone know when it will be on again?. We really want to see it. Let us know at Thank you

  26. Frank Costanzo says:

    I saw Battle Rats the other night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Looked like loads of fun in the Iwo tunnels ! Amazing stuff to be touching history like that. Frank Costanzo USMC (Ret).

  27. Tom Houlihan says:

    Harlan, I finally got to watch the recorded show last night. It brought back memories of my one visit to the Island back in ’87. I think you did a very good job in the limited time you had. You gave a good overview of what was there. The original film splicing was well done. The final bit with Sgt. Padell’s return, and reunion with his comrades was especially touching, and gave me chills.

    I’d love to enlist as a Battlerat, but I think my 4-Shop would have something to say about that. I’ll echo the bit about the hats and t-shirts, though! I’d be proud to wear one!

    Semper Fidelis
    Tom Houlihan
    SSGT, USMC (ret)

  28. Rob Johnson says:

    That was awesome! What’s next?

  29. John Edwards says:

    I enjoyed the show-good job. Semper Fi. John Edwards USMC (Ret.)

  30. Charles Morfin says:

    I was especially moved when you were at Mt Suribachi paying tribute to a past veteran. Keep me informed of future project and ideas to preserve our history.

    Very respectfully,

    Charles Morfin

  31. SSgt Ernesto Gutierrez (Ret) says:

    I cant wait to watch this show about the battle of Iwo Jima. As a Amtrac Marine we learned a lot of leasons from the battle of Iwo. I’m proud to be part of such History. Good luck with the show. YAT-YAS!!!!

  32. Jarod says:

    I think this will bring some wonderful insight as to what our Combat Vetearns went through while fighting for our Nations sins. I look forward to seeing this and I hope that Veterans and Active Duty members alike can appreciate the sacrifice and dedications our U.S. Military Vets endured at such a critical time in our History.

  33. Rob Johnson says:

    LOVE THIS PROGRAM! The way we were taken into the current conditions was fascinating from an archaeology stand point. And to imagine the battlefield as it was during the battle helped me understand what difficulties the combatants faced. Completely fascinating, and Harlan’s passion and narration was heartfelt. I felt like I was there. It would be great if they could go to the other islands in the Pacific campaign!

  34. Jeff says:

    A true masterpiece. I thought the Andrew Jackson production was brilliant and would be hard to beat, but Battle Rats:Iwo Jima is over the top in all respects. It tells a story that must not be forgotten. I was fortunate enough to be able to go to Iwo earlier this year to pay homage to the Marine uncle I never knew, and being able to see through your lens things and places I missed or was unable to access in person is very much appreciated on a personal basis. Keep up the masterful work, Harlan. Isn’t it time for you to do a similar production about Peleliu?

  35. GREG EMERY says:


  36. My Father served in the 5th Marines – Mike Company on Iwo Jima. This show played here in Florida on Dec. 16th. It was the first time that I was able to see it. My Father passed away in April of 2001, and I miss him very much to this day. Seeing this was a way of putting all of the stories, artifacts, and things that Dad brought back with him from Iwo to life. I am 47, and his wife – my mother – LeeAnn is 78 this Christmas. I am very touched deeply to see the place where my Dad sweat and bled with his buddies. I know several guys that were in his company who are no longer with us. What amazing valor it took to do what they did. They didn’t have all of the laser guided munitions that they have today. They didn’t have the missiles that could fire miles away – as they do today. Their packs were 50lbs of very spartan technology unlike today. I see the medals that my Dad won – not only on Iwo but other battles, and I wonder if I could do what he did. Now – Dad is my hero and he is a true mans man. I thank God for him every day. Thank you for airing this show. God Bless..
    Mark Edward T. Titusville Florida USA

  37. Theo S. says:

    I take a personal interest in Iwo Jima since one of my relatives served on that island with the Fourth Marine Division. I found this episode of Battle Rats by Harlan Glenn very enlightening. I thought I knew it all, and yet Harlan Glenn and his crew illuminated so much in this documentary. Thousands upon thousands of Americans served and died on that island, and, so long as each one of those servicemen has a surviving relative with a memory of their loved ones having served there, documentaries like Harlan Glenns Battle Rats series will endure. And considering that we are now a part of a global economy, the Japanese are also taking interest in what happened to their loved ones as well. Harlan Glenn dealt with the issues of the Japanese story with equal respect.

  38. Don Brizzolara says:

    Mr. Glenn: I just wanted to thank you for your excellent production on Iwo Jima…it brought back many memories. I, too, am a “battle rat” and have visited Iwo on several occasions. I am presently a petroleum geologist but in a former life an infantry platoon leader during the Vietnam War. I have always had a passion for WW2 history and have visited many of the islands. I am hoping to return to Peleliu next year. On Iwo I have always been frustrated by the extremely short layover allowed by the Japanese. I was quite envious of your extended stay…there is so much to see on Iwo.

    Throught the years I have amassed quite a collection of Iwo Jima memorabilia and relics. Just recently I made a wonderful find on eBay. A Bible. No one had bid on it and I was fortunate to win it for $9.00. Few people could probably read the inscription. The Bible was presented to a Japanese soldier by an American medic. The Japanese soldier’s name, date and place (Iwo Jima) is recorded. Amazingly, through considerable research I was able to locate the veteran who presented it to the Japanese POW. He is now almost 90 years old but active and extremely articulate. He had an amazing story to tell and we have become good friends via emails and phone conversations. Imagine…over 20,000 Japanese KIA and but a mere handful of POWs and this young man attempts to tell these few of a better way and presents one with his personal Bible. He recalls assisting the battalion surgeon with the wounded and, in his spare time, helping with the sealing of the many caves and tunnels on Iwo (his original MOS was with the combat engineers). I sent him a bottle of sand from Green Beach along with some photos of modern day Iwo…he was deeply moved by it. All in all its a wonderful story.

    Again, Harlan, thank you for your great works. I have always been a fan of yours. Your publications and productions help keep the memory of these true heroes alive.

  39. Buddy Waugh says:

    I just wanted to write and let you know that I watched your “Battle Rats on Iwo Jima” show tonight.

    It was well done and kept my attention throughout. I only wish I could have been there.

    Thank you for taking us with you through the eyes of your camera.

  40. Robert Mastriano SgtMaj USMC (ret) says:

    After reading numerious comments from viewers about the Battle Rat Program I can personaly atest to Mr. Glenn’s passion for the sacrifices past, present and future of our service men and women and his undying efforts to convey to the Amrerican people we should not take for granted our past. Mr. Glenn in my humble opinion is the DUTY expert on the pacific battles and I am indeed very impressed with his expertise. Having spent 30 years as Marine I still have much to learn and I greatly apprecate such program as Battle Rats.

  41. M. Hertell says:

    This was an amazing show. I’ve watched just about every documentary on WWII and the pacific war. I always wanted to see the inside of the tunnels and what they look like today. I just wish the show was longer w/ more time spent showing the actual war video overlayed w/ today’s look. Not that you did anything wrong. You had the whole family glued to the TV. Thanks and we hope to see more shows.

  42. Bryan says:

    I am bummed due to the fact i missed both episodes when they were broadcast. I am hoping a buddy might have recorded it for me. I did get a chance to see the photos posted on Facebook. I’m a big fan of WW2 history since I was a kid and would love to travel to see these places someday for myself. But this show will work for now, and I am happy there are like minded folks who enjoy this history as much as I do!
    PS: to all vets, past and present: Thank you for your service, on behalf of grateful Americans.

  43. Don Abbatiello says:

    My dad was ( is ) a Marine with the 5th division 28th that landed on Iwo . We had the pleasure of taking him back for the 59th and 60th reunions on Iwo. I am one of the few since that battle that has seen those caves , bunkers , pillboxes , Etc.

    Your show was an amazing look into what the people on that island went through. Please play it again or tell me where I can purchase a DVD as I want my father to see it .

    Keep up the great work.

  44. Brian Crawford says:

    Really best Da*@ show you made yet Harlan HOOAH!

  45. Marc Findlay says:

    I really enjoyed the show!!!! I hope that Battle Rats will have more shows!!! I would love to go on a “Battle Rats” Mission and explore Battlefields and try to better understand what the troops endured. This would allow me to really understand Military History. Also, I would love to see Battle Rats have a mission to Vietnam and look at the Tunnels of the Viet Cong/ PAVN.

    Great Job!!! I love history, and the Battle Rats make it even more exciting!!!!

    I would love to go out and explore the battles with the Battle Rats!!!!

    Marc Findlay

  46. scott says:

    This was great, thanks for doing this. I was on Iwo when I was on active duty. I wanted very much for one of my Iwo buddies to see this and I hope he gets to see it before he dies. Why is this not available to purchase on tape or dvd? Why is it not on the air again as so many of the other shows are repeated 20-30 times? Anyone know when it will be on again or how to contact Harlan to get a copy? My bussy was with th 3rd Bn. 26th reg. 5th MarDiv.

  47. I was on Iwo Jima 1946-1947 I’ve been trying to find a John Willinghoff He was in the same company that I was on Iwo Jima. If any ones knows any one with a last name of Willinghoff Please call me 609-647-1444 or email
    S/Sgt. GW Rosson

  48. Col. J. Fred Swain says:

    Good job for the Military Channel. I would recommend a 3 series presentation on Iwo. One covering
    the current infrastructure and it’s history since the war. Second cover Hill 362 thoroughly, especially
    the caves in and around where Sgt. Bill Genaust is thought to be. Lastly, the presentation we saw
    recently covering the island. I believe the more we cover the Genaust story, our Gov. will possibly do
    something it should have done long ago. Leaving that man behind and not awarding his medal to his Mrs.
    is disgusting.

  49. Sean King says:

    I watched your show last night on Iwo Jima. All I can say is ” Amazing”! You have a real knack for history and are a treasure to the history community. Iwo jima hits home for me because on late grandfather served with the 5th Marine Div at that battle. Keep up the great work , and I hope you can make a whole bunch more of these shows! When you crawled in that tunnel under the loose sand, you were a braver man then me. I could never do that!

  50. Jeff Meyers says:

    Good show. Reminds me of there are 80,000 Missing American Service Personnel worldwide. Less than 1 in 1,000 are recovered each year. I’d like to see the show go to Okinawa…last battle of the war…my great uncle, Captain Perkins of the Army Air Forces, was shot down there while flying artillery liaison in a U.S. Marines Avenger. The three men in that Avenger were never recovered. Capt. Perkins’ name now appears on the Wall of Honor at the National Cemetery of the Pacific for those whose remains were deemed unrecoverable.

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